The Great Restoration


YAHWEH commands that His Name be magnified and glorified to all the nations of the world. This commandment, or law, was broken when the Name Yahweh was removed from the original manuscripts. The Name Yahweh first started to disappear from the manuscripts and was not consequently being used as late as 300 B.C., after being used since 4,000 B.C in ancient records, and actually since the beginning of time itself.

The encyclopedia Britannica, 2000th Anniversary Edition, states the following in reference to the beginning of the suppression of the Name Yahweh.

“The Name Yahweh later ceased to be used by the Jews for two somewhat contradictory reasons. As Judaism began to become a universal religion, the proper Name Yahweh tended to be replaced by the common noun Elohim, meaning God, which could apply to foreign deities and therefore could be used to demonstrate the universal sovereignty of Israel’s Gd over all others. At the same time, the Divine Name was increasingly regarded as too scared to be uttered, for fear of profanation, and in the synagogues ritual it was replaced by Adonai (my Lord) which was translated Kyrois (Lord) in the Septuagint.”

At this point, I want to refer again to the introduction of the emphasized bible, by Rotherham, in reference to the suppression of the Name of Yahweh. No doubt by now you must have asked the question, “Why was the Name of Yahweh suppressed?” I will answer this as briefly as I can. Rotherham: “It is willingly admitted that the suppression has not been absolute; at least so as far as Hebrew and English are concerned. The name, in its four essential letters, was reverently transcribed by the Hebrew copyist, and therefore was necessarily placed before the eye of the Hebrew reader. The latter, however, was instructed NOT TO PRONOUCE IT but to utter instead a less sacred name – Adonai or Elohim. In this way the Name was not suffered to reach the ear of the listener. To that degree, it was suppressed. The Septuagint, or ancient Greek version, made the concealment complete by regularly substituting Kurious; as the Vulgate, in like manner, employed Dominus; both Kurious and Dominus having at the same time their own proper service to render as correctly answering to the Hebrew Adonai, confessedly meaning ‘Lord’. And occasionally God; so that the Name is nearly hidden in our public English Versions.”

This translator, Mr. Rotherham, goes on to say that the reason for this suppression ‘was to safeguard the Divine Majesty in the minds of men. It was to prevent the inconsiderate mention of Him…In nearly all the occurrences of the Name (some 7,000 times throughout the original Old Testament) the special Name is absolutely withheld from all who simply hear the Bible read”.

The kingdom of Judah, consisting of the tribe of Levi, Benjamin and Judah, were the custodians of the original Laws of Yahweh. These are the tribes responsible for removing the Name and causing it to be suppressed at that time. Since the Name Yahweh was the source of all power, the tribes which comprised the Jews, hitherto known as Judites, decided that they would retain this power for themselves. Since they had been entrusted with all the original documents, they took it upon themselves to make the changes. As they regained power in Jerusalem, they instituted a law whereby the usage of the Name Yahweh was blasphemous. Another was passed where the use of the Name was allowed once a year. Latter, however, it was considered a serious offence to use the Name at all, and as a result the people began to forget about the Name and the substitutes Elohim and Adonai became common. Elohim was latter translated god, and Adonai, Lord. The terms God and Lord were then used by all the English translators. Then in the 16th century, another substitute was introduced. The Schaaf-Herzog Religious Encyclopedia states as followed:

‘JEHOVAH:’ An erroneous form of the divine Name of the covenant God of Israel which appears first about 1520 A.D. the error arose from the fact the utterance of the divine Name, in original quadrilateral form (the Tetragrammaton) YHWH became unlawful in Jewish usage.” It should be pointed out that Yahweh NEVER told anyone stop calling upon His Name, and all the ancient prophets extolled the importance of calling upon and worshipping the Name of Yahweh for salvation, protection, guidance and blessings for the people.

The Britannica Encyclopedia (1968) gives the following: “Yahweh: “The occurrence of the four sacred letters in the text of the Bible itself could not be replaced, but the same fear of profanation caused the Masoretes (6th – 8th A.D.)  to  add the vowels of Adonai. After 1518, when Feranciscan Petrus Galatinus argued in favor of the form Jehovah, it appeared in translations of the Old Testament. With the new critical scholarship of the 19th and 20th centuries, the more correct Yahweh has gradually gained ground.”

In the October, 1967 issue of the Awake Magazine, published by the Watch Tower Society, which is the organization of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, there appeared an article entitled, “DISCOVERING GOD’S NAME AND WORD IN CAVES AND RUINS.” This is a splendid issue, for it contains much information about the Name Yahweh. In this article, it is clear that the leaders of Jehovah’s Witness admit that the Name of Yahweh is correct and that definite evidence of this has been found in caves and ruins by archaeologists and scientists, however, they still continue using the erroneous form of Jehovah. If their foundation, which is Jehovah, is incorrect, how can the subsequent structure, or doctrine, be correct?

In 1966, the Jerusalem Bible was introduced to the world. The name of Yahweh is used therein as the original and correct Name of the Creator. This Bible helps the culmination of my life’s work and is a combination of the Catholic and Protestant versions. Other new Bibles are also using the correct Name Yahweh, either in their introduction, in the Old Testament, in the marginal notes and footnotes, or throughout.

Reverend Alexander Jones, Roman Catholic, is the general editor of the Jerusalem Bible. He says, in the Editor’s Forward, the following: “It is in the Psalms especially that the use of the Divine Name Yahweh may seem unacceptable though indeed the still stranger YAH is in constant use in the acclamation Halleluyah (Praise Yah), it is no doubt those who care to use this translation of the Psalms can substitute the traditional ‘the Lord’. On the other hand, this would be to loose much of the flavor and meaning of the originals. For example, to say, ‘the Lord is God’ is surely a tautology, as to say ‘Yahweh is God is not.”

This new Bible is the product of a half-century’s research by scholars of the Roman Catholic Ecole Biblique in Jerusalem. Nearly 30 translators and theologians have spent 10 years converting this research into the English Version. In the gazette Telegram, October 22, 1966, there appeared a news item: “YAHWEH USED IN PLACE OF THE LORD” – “A new version of the Bible in modern English was published with unfamiliar word ‘Yahweh’ replacing the word ‘the Lord’. The Rev. Alexander Jones Roman Catholic general editor of the work explained that Yahweh is the word used in original Hebrew texts and means ‘the incommunicable name of God’.

Yahweh, actually means THE EVERLASTING, THE SELF-EXISTING ONE. Now that the Jerusalem Bible and other Bibles and publications are printing the Name of Yahweh into such languages as French, Spanish and English and sending the Name all over the world, Yahweh is becoming more and better known. We are happy to inform you that every week more information is being revealed in new books, magazines, newspaper and religious publications but it has been through personal sacrifice that all this has been made possible.

Yahweh, of course, was the Gd of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their lineage. It was through the use of this sacred and powerful Name that these prophets were able to foresee and foretell events that were to transpire in their nation and in the world in the generations to come. In Hosea 2:16, Yahweh declared: “And it shall be at the day, saith Yahweh, that thou shalt call me Ishi (my husband) and shalt call me NO MORE BAALI. For I will take away the names of Baalim out of her mouth…”

 In the footnotes it states that BAALI means “MY LORD”. Now that you know the term Baal means Lord, you can realize that you may have been worshipping Baal all these years and did not even realize it. Baal also means BULL, representing Golden CALF Worship!

Since the Name Yahweh appeared more than 7,000 times in the original Scriptures now comprised of the Old Testament, the translators committed forgery and blasphemy many times when they substitute Lord and God and removed Yahweh’s Name. In the Book of Genesis alone, the Name Yahweh appears more than 156 times. If the translators so wickedly deceived mankind by concealing the personal Name of our Creator, it is not hard to realize that they forged hundred and thousands of other tenets of the Christian and Jewish doctrines. Those who know Yahweh can understand that this evil deed was only the beginning of a diabolical plan to deliberately blind the people to the truth, the identity, and the purpose of the Name of Yahweh.

In the 20th and 21st centuries, however, the restoration of the Name of Yahweh is taking place. The Name Yahweh is now found in every Dictionary, Encyclopedia Bible, and other Bibles. Many other versions of the Bible give reference to the authenticity of the Name Yahweh in their introduction, namely the Moffatt translation, the good speed and Smith translation, and the Revised Standard Version.

If you look in the index of dozens of new non-fiction books you will often see the Name of Yahweh there (especially in historical, archaeological, religious and New Aquarian Age- type books). Often the Name of Yahweh is found under “Tetragrammation” in the index. The honest seeker of the truth will find Yahweh, for he will not be satisfied with the man-made titles for his Creator. An honest seeker of truth will learn the secret of the Prophets, and this will lead them to the Name of Yahweh.

The Scriptures constantly exhort us to SEEK. Matthew 7:7: “Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Those who know and use the correct Name of Yahweh discovered this truth because they did not stop seeking. Some people pray for truth, knowledge and greater spiritual enlightenment, but when Yahweh answer their prayers and reveals to them the truth, they refuse to accept it. They take upon themselves to decide whether they want it or not, or whether they think it is true or untrue. I have heard so many people remark after I have given them the truth, “Oh, I know that can’t be true!”  Thus, before they give themselves a chance to think about a truth, they close their minds to a truth. Yet, they will continue to pray for truth. King Solomon taught that to condemn something before ones has examined it completely, makes ones a fool.

This is why there is so many confusion and controversy in the world today, particularly with the younger generation. Many are shouting “God is dead,” and others still shout back, “It is not true. God is alive.” Many, however, are souls in rebellion. They are rebelling because “God” does not have the answers for them. They are dissatisfied with religion. They are rebelling against the establishment that it stands for, as it offers them nothing.

I am here to tell you that this ‘God’ that is referred to as dead is indeed dead since it cannot communicate with humanity. On the other hand, I want you to know that YAHWEH is alive, and this article is designed to inform the youth and all other people of today, so as to quiet their rebellious souls.

Then there are those, of course, who will always say that they did not know about the Name Yahweh and its importance. Well, my friend, ignorance of the law is no excuse. You cannot escape punishment, when you break a law in America, by claiming ignorance. It is the same with the Creator of the universe, for He has made the knowledge of His Name known. Every city has a library that is open to the public, and every library has thousands of volumes; among them dictionaries, encyclopedias, and historical references. Thus, anyone who really wants to know the truth can know it; unless, of course, they are mentally lazy and there are plenty of those.

I remember well how my boyhood church warned us against reading and studying anything but the Bible. I thought this was very strange, for I felt that if what I was being taught (Christianity) was correct, other books would corroborate and strengthen my faith. As time went on, I did study and read many books other than the Bible, and my research eventually led me to the great truth that I am teaching today.

If one does not know the Name of Yahweh and does not realize the importance of its use, I believe it is a disgrace. After all, Yahweh is the Creator of the universe! Those who claim to Know Him as their Creator and Father and did not know and use His Name exclusively should be ashamed of themselves. It is impossible to claim an inheritance if you do not know the name of your father, or maker. Because of this point of logic, many souls will never inherit the kingdom of Yahweh, for they are “illegitimate” heirs and “pretenders” to a legacy and spiritual inheritance that they cannot claim.

This is surely the age of revelation and great knowledge. That is why the Name of Yahweh is becoming known and being used more than ever before, for this is the “End of the Age” spoken of by our ancestors. Why would Yahweh, when He revealed Himself to Moses, say the following, if He intended that His Name be changed? “Thus shalt thou say unto the sons of Israel, YAHWEH, The Elohim of your fathers, Elohim of Abraham, Elohim of Isaac, and Elohim of Jacob hath sent me unto you. THIS IS MY NAME FOR ALL TIME. And this is my memorial to generation after generation.”

The following Scriptures corroborate this: Psalm 44:20-21 “ If we have Forgotten the Name of Yahweh, or stretched out our hands to a strange God; shall not Yahweh search this out? For He knoweth the secrets of the heart

Micah4:5 “For all people will walk everyone in the name of his god, and we will walk in the Name of Yahweh forever and ever.”

Isn’t it wonderful to know this truth and know, also, that the Name of Yahweh with all its power is being restored for all Humanity? As it become more prevalent in the mind and heart of the people, there will be a deeper, more lasting and more complete experience with our Almighty Eternal Father.
Culled from
Yahweh, Yesterday, today & forever

-By Dr. Joseph Jeffers


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